Update – Microgreens First Attempt Not All Bad

Even though it hasn’t gone as planned my first attempt at growing microgreens is not a total failure.

I managed to wipe out the moldy looking fungus that was on the plants when I got back in town and save most of the tray.

Biggest issues I see so far is I need to improve the airflow in the grow area and the tray seeding area, I need to improve the way I spread the seeds on the tray and I need to better control humidity in the seed starting and grow areas/ I also need to learn to better judge when to water the plants and how much water to give them.

I’m going to let them grow for a couple of more days before I attempt my first microgreens harvest. That should be interesting also.

If you missed my first post on attempting to grow microgreens, click here to read it or click here to read about what looked like a total disaster in the growing process.

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