Tomato Seedlings Update 2-17-2020

I moved some of my tomato seedlings into larger cups to give them a little more room to grow. They were originally planted on January 26, 2020 using seeds placed into peat pellets.

Here are the Delicious Tomato seedlings that I transplanted into large cups:

Delicious Tomato Seedlings

Here are the Roma tomato seedlings that I transplanted into large cups:

I transplanted 12 of the Delicious seedlings and 16 of the Roma seedlings to these cups. So far all of the transplants appear happy and healthy.

The seedlings that I transplanted were getting a little leggy because I did not have them close enough to the grow light originally. So to try to recover from that I buried them a little deeper in the cups so that the soil level was closer to the top of the plants.

I also was also able to get them a little closer to the grow lights after they were transplanted.

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