Quick Grow Bag Garden Update 4-05-2020

All of the plants that I have put in grow bags are doing very well. So far I have planted lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beans, peas and cucumbers in grow bags.

The cucumbers have not sprouted yet but they have only been in the bags for about a week so they should sprout pretty soon.

The carrots started out really fast but seem to have paused their growth for some reason. I have never had good luck growing carrots so it remains to be seen if I did something that is causing this or if it is just a normal pattern due to the weather consitions.

The banana pepper and cayenne pepper plants are still looking strong and healthy.

pepper plants in grow bags
Pepper Plants in Grow Bags

The Delicious tomato plants are growing much faster than the Roma tomato plants so far. Both varieties look good but the Delicious plants are 2-3 times the size of the Roma plants.

Lettuce and Tomato Plants in Grow Bags
Lettuce and Tomato Plants in Grow Bags

I am trying companion planting in some of the bags. I added Black Simpson lettuce, Buttercrunch lettuce or onions bulbs to most of the bags that I put tomato plants in.

So far everything seems to be growing very nicely. Some of the lettuce plants have grown very large while others look limp most of the time. They all seem to perk up in the morning but a few of them wilt by noon. Everything is nice and green though so I’m keeping an eye on them for now.

Lettuce and Tomato companion planting in grow bags
Lettuce and Tomato companion planting in grow bags
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