Preparing Potato Seeds for Planting

I’m finally getting around to planting some potato seeds that I bought back in December. What a slacker!

Some of the seeds actually rotted because I didn’t get them planted in time. Out of the 3 varieties that I bought in December I probably had to throw away about 40%. That’s what happens when you get too busy at the wrong time.

IMG 0683
Whole Potato Seeds

This is what some of the whole potato seeds looked like. I threw out the ones that were rotted and moldy. The others I cut and places into a pan so that they can heal before I plant them.

Potato Seeds Cut Into Pieces
Potato Seeds Cut Into Pieces

Here is a different variety of potato seed before I cut them into pieces:

Whole Potato Seeds
Whole Potato Seeds

There were some bad ones in this batch too so I disposed of them and cut the good ones into pieces.

Potato Seeds Cut Into Pieces

And one more picture of the third variety cut into pieces:

Potato Seeds

Today is 2-23-2020 so it will probably be around the end of February before these heal enough that I can plant them. I intend to plant these in 5 gallon buckets or grow bags. I may do an experiment and plant some of each variety in a bucket and a bag so that I can compare the results to see if one outperforms the other.

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