Planting Seeds Indoors Update #1

So it’s been about ten days since I initially planted some seeds indoors in anticipation of spring. OK, I really planted them because I seriously do not like cold weather. Even though winter has been pretty mild so far in here in North Georgia I am ready fro warm, sunny days and afternoon thundershowers.

I started my indoor garden by planting Roma and Delicious tomatoes, bunching onions and buttercrunch and Simpson lettuce.

So far, most of the seeds have germinated and are doing fine. I did notice that quite a few of the Roma seeds did not sprout. I’m not sure why yet but I guess sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

lettuce seedlings This tray is split between the Simpson lettuce and some Roma tomato seedlings. I split the tray because I ran out of lettuce seeds and still had about 15 peat pellets remaining.

It is interesting that these are the Roma seeds that did not germinate very well. The other tray that was all Roma tomatoes only had one pellet that didn’t produce a plant.

Of course, that could just be a coincidence. But it is interesting that it was the pellets that were closest to the lettuce that didn’t produce tomatoes.

The lettuce seedlings started out strong but are now looking a little droopy. I’m not sure if I haven’t given them enough water or if I am giving them too much. The last time I planted Simpson lettuce indoors I remember that some of the plants took this same path and then rebounded and looked great after a couple of days. Those plants went on to produce a ton of lettuce for me so I’ll keep my fingers crossed on these.

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Tomato seedlings This tray has Delicious tomatoes and the buttercrunch lettuce in it. Some of the seedlings are still so small that they can barely be seen in the photograph. Others have sprouted up quite nicely and are looking great.

I’ve never tried to start either of these varieties indoors before so it will be interesting to see how they respond initially as well as how they do once they are transplanted outdoors.

Right now I have them under a grow light that I am leaving on from 7AM until 10PM. They seem to be responding pretty well to the light so far. The light is about 1 foot above the plants so I may need to adjust that at some point.

I have noticed that the plants will lean towards the closest grow light if I don’t keep them centered underneath it.

I am looking forward to both of these plants produce. I have always liked the Delicious tomatoes on sandwiches and salads so I am hoping for a good crop this year.



bunching onion seedlingsThe final tray is the bunching onions. I planted a full tray of them because they can be used in so many ways.

The onions were the first seeds I planted that sprouted this year. They started popping up after only 4 days in the peat pellets. I got almost 100% germination with these seeds so I am pretty happy about that.

Right now most of them are around two to three inches tall. They were starting to press against the top of the Jiffy tray so I have removed the top to let them grow. They seem to be really happy so far.

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So that’s about it for the planting seeds indoors so far this year.

I am planning on getting some potatoes and carrots planted next so I will publish an update once that is done.

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