Onions Update 2-17-2020

Here’s a quick update on the bunching onions that I planted from seeds and the white onions that I planted from bulbs.

This is a picture of the bunching onions that I took on 2-17-2020:

Bunching Onions Update 2 17
Bunching Onion Seedlings 2-17-2020

It’s king of hard to tell much from the picture but I can assure you that they are growing very nicely. They look really good right now and will probably need to be transplanted very soon.

I also took a picture of the onions that I planted from bulbs. So far only one has sprouted:

Onion Bulbs Update 2 17
Bulb Onions Update 2-17-2020

The one that has sprouted is in the upper right corner of the grow bag. I am trying to grow these onions in 5 gallon grow bags. I put 3 bulbs in this bag so that I could see if they would grow and also how big will they grow.

Experimenting in the garden is half the fun!

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