More Vegetables in Grow Bags 03-15-2020

Today I moved more tomatoes and lettuce into the 5 gallon grow bags that I bought on Amazon.

I’m using the same soil mix that I’ve been using – 1/3 organic peat, 1/3 Black Kow organic cow manure and 1/3 organic top soil.

I moved Simpson lettuce, Butter crunch lettuce, Roma tomatoes and Delicious Better Boy tomatoes from the Styrofoam cups into the grow bags.

One thing I had noticed after I moved the tomato plants into the cups was that they seemed to stop growing and some of the leaves began to turn brown. I realized when I was moving them into the grow bags that I forgot to poke some drainage holes into the Styrofoam cups so the plants roots were water logged.

I hope that getting them into the larger containers with drier soil will let them recover. If not, I will have to re-plant the tomatoes.

I placed one tomato plant and one lettuce plant in each grow bag. This should be a good mix since the two plants should help each other grow.

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