Miracle Grow Twelve Indoor Growing System Review

If you want to have some indoor garden plants, but you don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle, then the Miracle Grow Twelve Indoor Growing System will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to grow garden plants all year long even if you’re someone who struggles to keep plants alive.

Plus, you won’t have to battle pesky critters who like to munch on gardens. This system relies on the use of hydroponics in order to make the plants grow. There are plenty of benefits to using a hydroponic system.

You’ll use less water than a traditionally grown garden. You can reuse the same water – and only a few gallons at that. There won’t be any pesticides to deal with and you can use the system even if you have a small living space.

Besides hydroponics, the system uses grow lights to grow the plants. So no more trying to figure out if the plants are getting enough sunlight or if the weather is right for growing.

Miracle Grow Twelve Indoor Growing System Review

The system itself is set up in a lightweight end table structure that will fit any décor. The way that the system works is pretty simple. Once you get the kit, the app that you connect with will lead you through the unpacking and assembly steps.

After you have the system set up, you add the water and then whatever it is that you want to plant. All the stuff you need to get started comes included except for the seeds or seedlings.

You’ll have to buy those separately. The system is great for growing leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, but it can also grow herbs such as basil. But it can also grow certain flowers if you prefer that.

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The app will guide you to help you find which plants work best with the system. Through this feature, you’ll be able to know the growth time for the plants. Some of them grow at different rates so you’ll know what to except thanks to the app’s guidance.

You’ll learn how to care for each of your individual plants, as well as the steps involved once the plant is ready to yield. This app will also guide you through learning how to control the LED lights if you want to dim them.

You’ll also learn the times that you should start the system. Other than that, this product can maintain itself. The system makes sure that the plant roots are getting what they need and even though it does use electricity and is a hydroponic growth system, it doesn’t make an intrusive sound.

It’s a no mess, no fuss way to indoor garden. It’s an easy way to garden even if you’ve a complete beginner to growing things. The system comes with the nutrition that you need for the plants, the kit for transplants and the pieces to build it.

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