Microgreens Disaster – My First Attempt Might Fail

So my first attempt at growing microgreens is probably going to end up as a disaster. I prepared the soil that I am going to use, put it in the tray and seeded the tray last Monday morning. Everything looked pretty good although I was worried that I didn’t get the seeds distributed very well. More on that later!

Right after I got the tray placed in my rack I got a call from a client with an emergency. I had to leave town immediately to help them out and I didn’t get back until Friday night.

I immediately checked the tray to see if anything had sprouted. I removed the empty, weighted tray that I had placed on top to see the results. To my surprise most of the tray had sprouted with a few bare spots ( I was right, I did a pretty poor job of distributing the seeds). The seeds I used were really small and almost the same color as the soil I was using so it was hard to tell how well the seeds were dispersed.

Along with the seeds that had sprouted was a light mold in a few spots. The temperature had gone up about 15 degrees outside and the humidity had gone up as well so my grow rack got exposed to high humidity. I’m pretty sure that is what caused the mold.

I put the tray on my regular grow rack where it would get some sunshine for about 6 hours each day. After a day and a half the mold appears to be gone without the use of any hydrogen peroxide spray.

I’m going to let the tray continue to grow so that I can at least learn from this experience. Right now it looks like about 60-75% of the tray may be ok.

I also added some grow lights to the rack so that I can give the tray exposure to light for about 16 hours a day. I don’t know if that will help or hurt the microgreens but I figure I might as well attempt to save what I can from this disaster.

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