Indoor Seed Starting 2021 6th Week Update

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I’m late posting the week 6 update on the indoor seeds I planted for my spring 2021 garden. There has been some pretty good results this week. I’ll start with the original hybrid tomato seeds that came out of my freezer. I had to move three plants into larger containers this week. I moved them into some red Solo cups that I had. There were also 2 more seeds that sprouted from this original batch.

Frozen hybrid seed sprouts

You can see from the picture above that there are two plants that are getting close to being transplanted into Solo cups and there are now a total of 3 new sprouts. One of them doesn’t look very healthy so I’m not sure it will survive.

I also had to move some of the plants from the second batch into Solo cups this week. The tray was getting a little crowded as you can see below.

Spring 2021 Seed Sprouts


I moved all 6 cucumber plants, the 5 watermelon plants that had sprouted, 3 pepper plants and 5 hybrid tomato plants in to solo cups so that they would not have to compete with each other for nutrients and water.

Spring garden plants in Solo cups

So at this point I have 10 hybrid tomato plants in 7 gallon grow bags and 5 more in Solo cups, 6 cucumber plants in Solo cups, 5 watermelon plants in Solo cups and 3 banana pepper plants in Solo cups. I gave 3 hybrid tomato plants to one of mu neighbors as well.

I still have 6 hybrid tomato plants in the starter trays and 5 banana pepper plants in a starter tray.

It’s almost warm enough in Georgia to start putting these plants outside. I usually wait until after April 15th to do that because we don’t normally have any more overnight freeze events then.

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More updates to come.


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