Indoor Seed Starting 2021 4th Week Update

IMG 1109

Here are some new pictures of the seed trays that I started for sprint 2021 garden planting. The first new thing I noticed this week was that two more of the frozen hybrid better boy tomato seeds sprouted. That brings the total to 12 out of 19 seeds having sprouted.

New Tomato Sprout

Sprout #2

I’m pretty happy with the results from the frozen seeds so far. I had no idea how they would respond after having been in a regular freezer for so long. I did nothing other than put the seed packet in a freezer bag and then put it in the freezer.

Now for the tray that I planted using new, fresh seeds.

Tray 2

So far, all 6 cucumber seeds have sprouted. They are on the far right hand side of the picture.

On the far left hand side are the sugar baby watermelon seeds – 5 out of 6 have sprouted.

The banana peppers have so far sprouted 5 out of 12.

The fresh hybrid better boy tomato seeds have only had 3 out of 12 sprout so far. Disappointing when compared to the frozen seeds but is is still early in the process.

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