Indoor Seed Starting 2021 3rd Week Update

Seed Starting 2021 Week 2

No pictures this week because the camera on my phone decided to die.

The first batch of seeds (the frozen hybrid better boy tomato seeds) are still at 10 out of 19 sprouted. The 10 are looking really good though. They are already about 7 inches tall and look very strong and healthy.

The second batch of seeds have started to sprout. Here are the results so far:

6 out of 6 cucumber seeds have sprouted. These plants are already about 4 inches tall and look very good.

5 out of 6 watermelon seeds have sprouted so far. These are already about 3 inches tall and looking very healthy.

1 out of 12 banana pepper seeds have sprouted so far. That plant is barely an inch tall right now but it looks healthy.

4 out of 12 hybrid better boy tomato seeds (non-frozen seeds) have sprouted so far. All 4 of them are about 4 inches tall and starting to look really good.

More updates coming as soon as I can get the camera working again.

Click here for updates from week 4.

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