Indoor Seed Starting 2021 2nd Week Update

Seed Starting 2021 Week 2

It’s been 2 weeks since I planted the frozen Better Boy Tomato seeds and so far only 10 of 19 have sprouted. While that is better than 50% it is still not a very good rate. On one hand I’m not to surprised with the reduced germination rate using the frozen seeds but on the other I had hoped for a much higher rate. Time will tell if any more of the seeds germinate but I am not expecting much at this point. I do wonder if the rate would have been better using soil pods instead of coconut coir pods. I am going to add another tray with the same seeds but using a new pack of seeds instead of the frozen seeds.

Here’s a picture of the tray showing the 10 that have sprouted:

Seed Starting 2021 Week 2

Here is the new tray that I am adding to this experiment using the same Better Boy hybrid tomato seeds (but a brand new package of seeds instead of the frozen seeds).

2021 Indoor Seed Starting

I added 2 rows of the Better Boy tomato seeds to this tray to see if the fresh seeds germinate any better. In the past I have experienced almost 100% germination with these seeds so I expect to be pretty close to that this time.

I also added 12 banana pepper seeds, 6 cucumber seeds and 6 Sugar Baby watermelon seeds to this tray since it is getting close to the time to start planting outdoors in Georgia.

I’ll continue to update this as seeds sprout.

Click here for week 3 update.

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