Indoor Seed Starting 2021 10th Week Update

Container Garden Tomatoes

I had to go out of town multiple times so I didn’t get a chance to post updates the last couple of weeks. Here are a bunch of pictures showing where the container garden is right now:

IMG 1161 IMG 1162 IMG 1163 IMG 1164 IMG 1165 IMG 1166 IMG 1167 IMG 1168 IMG 1169 IMG 1170 IMG 1171 IMG 1172 IMG 1173 IMG 1174

I have moved quite a few containers outside now. I also was able to move the two banana tress, the 2 columnar apple trees and the container peach tree into larger containers and get them outside. All of them were damaged last fall when a Bradford Pear tree fell on my deck during a storm and pretty much crushed them. I’m hoping that they will survive. One of the columnar apple trees isn’t looking good at all and the peach tree is struggling.

I still have 9 better boy tomato plants in red cups as well as 7 banana pepper plants in red cups. All of those are still inside since they are younger plants and have not been hardened off to go outside yet. They will probably go outside in the next 7-10 days.

We have lots of rain predicted for this week as well as some slightly cooler weather so I’m hoping I didn’t move the other plants outside too soon.

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