Indoor Seed Starting 2021 1 Week Update

We’ve reached the end of the first week since I started the frozen seeds to see how they would germinate. So far 8 of the 19 seeds that I planted have sprouted. Some of them have really started growing while others are just starting to peek out of the coconut coir pods.

Seed Starting 2021 Update #1

I also added some Burpee Organic Seed Starter fertilizer to the pods today. This is the one that I used:

Burpee Organic Seed Starter Fertilizer
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I placed the seed tray in my rack under some grow lights since some of the seeds have now sprouted. Within a few minutes the sprouts, which were drooped over, stood straight up reaching for the light.

I’ll update again in a week to see if any more of the seeds have sprouted.

Click here for the 2nd week update.

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