Grow Bag Garden Update 4-26-2020

The veggies that I planted in the grow bags are doing very well so far. I have taken some of the bigger plants and transplanted them into the ground where they are doing fine.

Here’s some pictures of the remaining grow bag vegetables:

IMG 0834
Tomatoes in Grow Bags

I added onions or lettuce to all of the grow bags to see how companion planting would do in the grow bags. So far the onions have done very well but a few of the lettuce plants died off. The lettuce that didn’t die is growing very nicely so it was probably something I did that killed the plants that died.

IMG 0837
Tomatoes in Grow Bags

More tomatoes in grow bags. Some are growing much faster than others but they are all doing good so far.

I have been adding worm tea to each bag about every 10 days. I may need to increase that rate.

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