GreenStalk Potato Experiment Harvest | Do I have Potatoes?

GreenStalk Potato Experiment Harvest | Do I have Potatoes?

Welcome to our latest blog post about the GreenStalk Potato Experiment Harvest! In this post, we will be sharing our experience with growing potatoes using the GreenStalk planter and discussing whether or not we were successful in producing a bountiful harvest. We will provide you with all the details of our experiment, including the preparation, planting, and maintenance of our potatoes. So, if you’re interested in gardening and curious to know if we ended up with potatoes, keep reading to find out!

GreenStalk Potato Experiment Harvest

Do I Have Potatoes?


The joy of growing your fruits and vegetables at home is undeniable. However, not all of us have acres of land to do so. That’s where the Green Stalk planter comes in handy. In a recent video, the creator of the planter showcased an experiment with growing potatoes in a suburban setting. The video demonstrated that it is possible to grow your produce even in small spaces. The video also aimed to inspire others to do the same.

The Green Stalk Planter Experiment

The video creator showcased their Green Stalk planter experiment by growing potatoes. They planted eight seed potatoes, and after a few weeks, the plants grew to the top tier, and the video documented the planting process and the green stalk sprouts’ growth.
A few weeks later, the video creator harvested the potatoes, and the video showed the process of discovering the potatoes and their condition. Initially uncertain, the creator of the video’s excitement grew as they kept unearthing more and more potato after potato.

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Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

If the video has inspired you to start your organic garden with a Green Stalk planter, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Research the climate in your location and what plants will thrive in that particular climate.
  2. Be sure to wear gloves when working with the soil to avoid cuts, blisters, or exposure to soil-borne bacteria.
  3. Ensure that the planter has adequate drainage to avoid waterlogging and root rot.
  4. Protect your plants from animals by using organic repellents such as garlic, hot peppers, and organic sprays.
  5. Be consistent with watering your plants, especially in the hotter months. Be sure not to overwater or underwater the plants.

The Benefits of Gardening

The benefits of gardening go beyond the joy of growing your produce. Gardening is highly therapeutic as it reduces stress, increases happiness levels, helps with depression, and lowers anxiety levels.
In addition, gardening is an environmentally friendly activity that reduces your carbon footprint and puts fresh, nutritious food on your plate.


In the end, the Green Stalk planter experiment proved that growing potatoes at home, even in a small space, is achievable. The video showcased that a Green Stalk planter is an essential gardening tool with numerous benefits. Gardening is therapeutic, environmentally friendly, and provides fresh produce. It’s time to start your organic garden journey.


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  5. Can I plant seeds directly in the planter, or should I start on seedlings elsewhere?
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