Garden Kneeler and Seat Review

There’s no doubt that gardening is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial hobbies around. But, thanks to having to kneel or to bend down and get back up, it can also be hard on a body.

Gardening is known to cause backaches and problems with pain in the knees from resting on hard ground or concrete to reach flower beds. That’s enough to take all the fun out of gardening but the Garden Kneeler and Seat can return the joy of gardening to anyone who uses it.

Garden Kneeler and Seat Review

When you kneel on this seat, it takes the load off your knees. The product has a comfortable padding that’s softer and thicker than regular gardening pads. This can keep the weight off your joints as well as cushion your body.

Plus, it helps to prevent you from having to kneel in grass or dirt. On other side of the kneeler is a handle. These handles create a balance for you while sitting but they also act as a hand up when you’re kneeling and want to stand.

They’re so sturdy that they can be used to ease yourself down onto the ground as well as support your weight when you’re done and get back up. It’s a perfect helper for people who love to garden and are older who find it more difficult to kneel whether because of their knees or problems with their back.

Besides kneeling, this handy tool can also become a seat. All you have to do is invert it and you get a place to sit while you’re working on the garden. This will help you to be able to get to plants or flowers that grow taller than the other plants.

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The chair is sturdy enough to hold a person up even as they’re doing hardier garden work such as pulling weeds. It can be used to harvest plants or for replanting ones, too.

But you can also use the seat to simply take a break and soaking up the sunshine.

The product is made with the use of steel piping so it can easily support 330 pounds.

In addition to that, the seat has two pouches that can hold the tools you use to garden with.

The pouches stay in place due to the Velcro strap. This keeps what you need right at your fingertips. The seat is lightweight so it’s perfect for young generation gardeners to use as well as elderly people.

Because it’s lightweight, it’s portable. You’ll be able to move it around your garden easily. When you’re finished using it, you simply shut it into a fold. Even though it is lightweight, it’s still long lasting. You may want to store it indoors, but if you do leave it outside, it’ll still be durable.

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