Garden Genie Gloves Review

There are regular gardening gloves and then there are superior gloves, which is what the Garden Genie gloves are. With these gloves, you can say goodbye to having to constantly use a gardening tool.

These gloves are the gardening tool and they can do the job far more effectively too. You can use them for digging right in the dirt. No more having to find your gardening spade so that you can create a hole in the soil to place a plant.

With the gloves, you can go right through the dirt and easily get roots or anything else out of the way. That’s thanks to what’s located on the end of the gloves. At the very tips of the fingers, there are four claws.

Garden Genie Gloves Review

The thumb doesn’t have a claw but it’s not needed there. These claws are made of tough ABS plastic so they’re going to get the job done whatever it is. These gloves are also waterproof.

So that means you can dig right into the soil without worrying about any wetness along with ground bacteria seeping in and getting on your skin. If the plant is wet, you can still handle it and stay dry.

Plus, you’ll be able to keep your hands clean even if you’re spreading fertilizer. Since the gloves are waterproof, that makes them easy to clean so that they’re ready for the next time you need them.

The gloves have nylon knitting which protects your hands while at the same time allowing them to breathe. Your hands won’t get overheated even on the hottest sunny days.

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It’s much easier to garden when you can actually feel the plants and the soil beneath your fingers. You have more control this way, which protects your garden as well as your hands.

When you use gardening tools, you can run the risk of accidentally digging into a plant root because you can’t feel it. Tools can’t judge when to stop digging or the fragility of roots, but your fingers can.

The gloves are made of latex. This is one of the features that make them better for use as gardening tools. The toughness of the gloves can keep you from getting cut, from snagging your skin on a root, rock or soil debris.

Plus, it can save you from getting a broken nail while working in the garden. With these gloves, weeding is a breeze. You can dig right down into the dirt and get to the root of the weed.

You can plant or replant prickly plants such as a cactus or a rose bush without worrying about the spines or thorns poking through the gloves. You’ll be able to prune hedges or trim small trees without damaging your hands.

The gloves are also time savers because you won’t have to gather gardening tools before you get started. The gloves do come in a few bright colors and are made to fit most hand sizes so that means anyone can get in on planting or taking care of a garden.

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