First Microgreens Harvest is Done

Well my first microgreens harvest is now done. I was afraid when I started that I had killed the entire tray because I had to go out of town on business for 5 days and when I came back there was a light mold on the soil. Luckily it was only on one end of the tray so when I moved the tray to a less humid area the rest of the microgreens recovered nicely.

I had some food grade hydrogen peroxide but since this was my first try with microgreens I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t use it. The section that had the mold on the soil pretty much all died. It was a section that was about an inch wide so it wasn’t a total loss like I had feared.

I continued to water the tray from the bottom and the remainder seemed to grow very well. I probably let them grow a little too long (almost 3 weeks) but the tray filled in nicely other than that dead section on the end.

So today I decided to go ahead and harvest the tray and sample what I had grown. I pulled the tray from the rack and took it to my cutting area. I used a brand new knife that I got off of Amazon to cut the microgreens. I had seen this knife used in several videos and everyone loved how sharp the knife was and how well it cut the greens. After using it I have to say I agree, I was impressed with how easily it cut through the layers with very little effort on my part.

I put the microgreens in a small plastic container as I cut them. I then weighed the contents on a Amazon Basics kitchen scale.

228 Grams Including the container

The total weight was 282 grams. I should have zeroed the scale with the container on it first but I forgot to do so. I put the microgreens in another container and then weighed my empty container – it came in at 102 grams. So my first tray of microgreens produced a real total of 182 grams.

I’m not sure if that is good or bad since this was my first attempt. Everything considered I am going to call my first microgreens harvest a moderate success.

I made some mistakes that hopefully won’t be repeated on my next tray. But in the end, I grew a nice, healthy salad mix that is very flavorful. I added some of the microgreens to a garden salad and enjoyed a very tasty homegrown lunch today.

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