Ferry Morse Seedling Grow Light

The Light

While getting all of my seedlings started this year I realized that I needed more grow lights. I decided to give the Ferry Morse Seedling Grow Light a try since I haven’t used one before.

Ferry Morse Seedling Grow Light

What’s in the Box

It’s a pretty simple setup. Everything you need to get it going is in the box. I unpacked the light fixture first. It came with the bulb already installed so all I had to do was remove some protective styrofoam padding around the bulb and it was ready to be mounted.

Ferry Morse T5 Grow Light Box Contents
Light Fixture, power cord, base pieces, mounting arms.


The mount consists of two plastic footer base pieces and four metal arms that attach the footer base pieces to the light fixture. Assembly took about 30 seconds and I was ready to plug the power cord into the light fixture.

The power cord has a notch cut in the connector so it will only plug in with the correct orientation.

I plugged the other end of the cord in to my power strip and I had light.

Ferry Morse T5 Assembled Grow Light
Fully Assembled T5 Grow Light

The unit I chose is a 2 foot light fixture that uses 1 T5 bulb at 24W with 6400K lumens. This is a great choice to get seedlings started.

Ferry Morse T5 Grow Light Bulb
T5 Grow Light Bulb

I have placed my lettuce seedlings under this light. I am hoping that it will help perk them back up. I did not have enough grow lights for all of the seedlings that I planted so I took the lettuce seedlings out from under my existing grow lights.

This was a mistake because the lettuce plants quickly started laying down and looking pathetic. Since I moved the tray underneath this grow light they have started to perk up again.

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The Bad

My only complaint with this light is that it isn’t adjustable. It uses fixed length arms to connect the light fixture to the base so it really only works at one height.

Since most people will use it like I am, for seedlings, the lack of adjustability isn’t that big of a deal but it would be nice if it could be adjusted.


The Ferry Morse Seedling Grow Light is perfect for those that need a compact light for a small grow area. Since it uses the industry standard T5 bulb you can easily get replacement bulbs without spending a ton of money.

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