Cucumbers Planted in Grow Bags 3-26-2020

I planted some Burpee Burpless Beauty Cucumber sees in some garden containers this morning. I picked up a couple of 2.5 gallon containers at Lowes yesterday so that is what I planted the cukes in.

Burpee Burpless Cucumber Seeds
Burpee Organic Cucumber Seeds

I used a mixture of organic top soil and peat moss in both pots. I decided to start these outside because every time I have started cucumbers inside I have lost about half of the plants when I move them outside. I haven’t figured out what I have been doing wrong since I only see this kind of failure with cucumbers.

I usually still end up with a good crop of cucumbers but I don’t like having that many plants wither and die on me.

I’m hoping for better results by starting them outside to begin with.

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