Container Garden Update 3-14-2020

I decided to take advantage of the lack of rain today and move some more containers outside onto my deck. I already had potatoes, carrots and onions on there and they are all doing fine so I decided to go for it.

I moved some of the Delicious Better Boy tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Simpson lettuce and Buttercrunch lettuce into some 5 gallon grow bags and put them on the deck.

I am using some old deck railings to keep the containers and grow bags off of the deck so that they can drain excess water easily.

While adding the grow bags I ran out of deck railing. I started looking around my junk pile and found a couple of old 4×4 pieces that I could put a few grow bags on.

Then I remembered that I had the top railing from an old above ground pool and thought of the Larry Hall gutter grow system.

Top Rail Piece
Top Rail Section from Above Ground Pool

I went to the stack and it turns out that these are the perfect size for the 5 gallon grow bags. They are wide enough for the bag to sit on them without causing them to stress. They are also deep enough to allow excess water to drain out of the bags very easily.

Grow Bags on Top Rail
5 Gallon Grow Bags on Top Rail Piece

While this isn’t using them exactly the way Larry does in his gutter grow system it works for what I need. I have a lot of these top rail pieces so I now have more than enough to set up as many grow bags as I need for this years garden.

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