Container Banana Peppers Update 3-08-2020

I moved the banana pepper seedlings into larger containers today so that they can continue to grow. I also moved the cayenne peppers into larger containers as well.

While moving the peppers I also had to prune some smaller pepper plants that were growing in the peat pellets. I hated to prune them because they were actually pretty good looking plants but I was afraid that they would compete with the other seedling for nutrients and water thereby causing both plants to under produce.

I turned the smaller containers over and tapped gently on the bottom of the container and the entire plant ball came out roots and all. Some of them came out as one whole plant system, others broke off into two plants.

I don’t know if they will survive but I planted a couple of these smaller pepper seedlings into some Styrofoam cups. I figured it was worth a shot because they came out of the peat pellets with what looked like a pretty good root structure still attached to them.

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