5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes Second Planting Update

This is just an update on the second round of 5 gallon bucket potatoes that I planted on 3-15-2020.

For this batch of potatoes I took my seed potatoes and cut them into pieces, then let them cure for a couple of weeks.

I wasn’t sure how these would turn out because I had let the original see potatoes sit out too long so they weren’t in the best shape.

Cut Potato Seeds in 5 Gallon Bucket 1
5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes #1

Bucket #1 is doing the best so far. It was the first to sprout and has the biggest growth so far.

Cut Potato Seeds in 5 Gallon Bucket 2
5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes #2

Bucket #2 has two seeds that have sprouted so far. They are hard to see in the picture but they are starting to show some good growth.

Cut Potato Seeds in 5 Gallon Bucket 3
5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes #3

Bucket #3 was the last to sprout. It also has two seeds that sprouted. One is starting to grow very well while the other is growing much slower.

Right after I put these three buckets outside on the deck we had a period where it rained 6 out of 7 days. Some days it was a slow steady rain, others it was a downpour.

I’m not sure how that much rain will affect the potato plants.

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