5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes 2-23-2020 Update

My 5 gallon bucket potato experiment is going very well so far but I did discover that I made one mistake in my notes.

I wrote down to let the plant grow above the rim of the bucket before adding more soil to the bucket. It should have been to add more soil as the plant grew even if the new soil covered some of the leaves on the plant. You should stop adding soil just below the rim of the bucket so that you have room to cover the soil with straw or plastic.

Hopefully that mistake won’t keep me from getting a good batch of potatoes from these buckets.

If it does then it will be a hard lesson. I won;t make that mistake again when I grow the next batch of potatoes in a container.

Here are some pictures of the potatoes now that I have added soil to the buckets:

5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes 2
5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes #2
5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes 3
5 Gallon Bucket Potatoes #3

These plants grew a lot in the last week. The weather was rainy but fairly warm until the end of the week when it got down below freezing at night. Since I am growing them indoors right now the cold did not bother them.

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